Crystal product technology new NFC antenna

Crystal product launch NFC antenna technology keywords: NFC mobile phones, NFC, wireless communication, non-contact mobile payment summary: at present, based on the non-contact mobile payment application of mobile phone has three mainstream solutions: proposed by manufacturers of philips, SONY and nokia NFC scheme based on mobile phone, chip manufacturers Inside company eNFC solutions and dual interface smart CARDS.

The introduction

with the rapid popularization of mobile phone, data rate, TDD wireless network support has new application especially data business applications, mobile phone become indispensable to people around information terminal.More and more people use mobile phone instead of watch, notebook, MP3, if one day our wallet and keys will give way to mobile phones, make our life more convenient, more secure NFC

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology will make it come true.In June 2006, nokia, philips, and China mobile easypass company in xiamen launched China's first NFC mobile payment experiment [1].Users to use embedded NFC module of the nokia 3220 mobile phone, can be in any xiamen easypass outlets covered (bus, ferry, cinemas, restaurants) for mobile payment.Not only that, in the near future, through the combination of mobile phones and NFC technology, the user through the phone can only implement the following application: on the street concert posters and magazines download location and time schedule;To play in the park, the directional cross-country interactive play [2];Real-time refresh bus arrival time at the station;In the office send SMS control housekeeping waiters in and out of the house of time [3];Replacing existing in school student id card and student card;Across urban intelligent public telephone booth map query, bus lines, food shopping and other information;At a gas station, supermarket, bank where any POS payment with mobile phone charge electronic invoice.

1 technical introduction

NFC is in radio frequency identification (RFID) and Internet technology has evolved on the basis of the fusion of new technology, is a kind of short-range wireless communication technology standard.It used in single chip contactless card reader and contactless smart CARDS and point to point function, running at 13.56 MHz frequency range, can be in the range of about 10 cm to establish the connection between the equipment, the transfer rate of 106 kbit/s, 212 kbit/s, 424 kbit/s, the future can raise to more than 848 kbit/s [4].

NFC terminal has three work modes:

(1) the active mode, the NFC terminal as a card reader, take the initiative to make their rf field to recognize and read/write other NFC device;

(2) passive mode, the NFC terminal can simulate into a card is read/write, it is only in other equipment from the rf field in the passive response;

(3) two-way mode, both sides make a radio frequency (rf) field to establish point-to-point communication.

NFC is used to set up rapidly in short range wireless communication between the various devices that can be used as a kind of virtual connector, it can meet the data exchange between any two wireless devices.It can also through the initialization equipment original bluetooth and 802.11 wireless protocol, can make the equipment in the more distant communication or at a higher rate of data transmission.So in addition to the information transmission, NFC devices can be connected to the world as a security gateway, let the user whether at home or in the mobile, can be stored or receive all sorts of information at any time.As long as two NFC devices, they will automatically start network communication function, users do not need to set the installer separately, so as to realize the non-contact mobile payment of the foregoing, the electronic wallet and id card function such as identification.NFC technology in accordance with the international organization for standardization ISO18092, ISO21481 standard, compatible wireless smart card ISO14443 standard, conforms to the European computer association EMCA - 340, 352 and 356 standard [5].NFC compatible with the cauldron in the field of contactless smart CARDS, philips and SONY get its FeliCa MIFARE technology, based on the smart card has deployed about 1.2 billion pieces of the former, the latter also has deployed about 170 million pieces.The NFC technology fully with the future close by wireless interconnection equipment should have the characteristics of low power, low price, compatibility, and make the NFC become close a highly competitive technology in the field of wireless interconnection.

2 application classification and current situation of

2.1 application classification of NFC technology application can be divided into five categories [6] :

(1) contact through (Touch and Go), such as entrance guard management, tickets and tickets, etc., the user will store the ticket or access equipment near the card reader, also can be used in the logistics management.

(2) contact payments (Touch and Pay), such as non-contact mobile payment, users will be close to the embedded equipment has the NFC module of POS machine can be paid, and confirm the transaction.

(3) contact connection (Touch and Connect), such as the two NFC device connected (as shown in figure 1, cell phones and laptop computers), for point-to-point (Peer - to - Peer) data transmission, for example, download music, pictures etc. [7] each other and exchange my address book.Figure 1 mobile phones and laptop computers NFC point-to-point communication

(4) contact browse (Touch and Explore), the user can be NFC mobile phones connect intelligent public telephone near the street NFC function or posters, to browse the traffic information, etc.

晶品科技推出NFC天线 关键词:NFC手机,NFC,无线通信, 非接触式移动支付 摘要:目前,基于手机的非接触式移动支付应用有三种主流方案:飞利浦、索尼和诺基亚等厂家提出的基于手机的NFC方案、芯片厂商Inside公司提出的eNFC方案和双界面智能卡方案。

引言随着手机的快速普及,无线网络支持的上下行数据速率不断提高,新的应用尤其是数据业务方面的应用不断涌现,手机成为人们身边不可缺少的信息终端。越来越多的人用手机代替手表、记事本、MP3,是否有一天我们的钱包和钥匙也会让位于手机,使我们的生活更加方便,更加安全呢 近距离通信NFC(Near Field Communication)技术将让这一切变为现实。2006年6月,诺基亚和中国移动、飞利浦、易通卡公司在厦门启动了中国首个NFC手机支付试验[1]。用户使用内嵌NFC模块的诺基亚3220手机,可在厦门市任何一个易通卡覆盖的营业网点(公交汽车、轮渡、电影院、快餐店)进行手机支付。


1 技术简介 NFC是在无线射频识别(RFID)和互联技术的基础上融合演变而来的新技术,是一种短距离无线通信技术标准。它在单一芯片上集成了非接触式读卡器、非接触式智能卡和点对点的功能,运行在13.56MHz的频率范围内,能在大约10cm范围内建立设备之间的连接,传输速率可为106kbit/s、212kbit/s、424 kbit/s,未来可提高到848kbit/s以上[4]。





NFC用于在短距离范围内快速建立各种设备之间的无线通信,可作为一种虚拟连接器,它可以满足任何两个无线设备间的数据交换。它还能通过初始化设备原有的蓝牙和802.11等无线协议,使设备能在更远距离上通信或以更高速率传输数据。所以除了信息传输之外,NFC设备可以在联网世界中作为一个安全的网关,让用户无论在家中或移动中,都能随时储存或接收各种信息。只要将两个NFC设备靠拢,它们便会自动启动网络通信功能,用户无需另行设定安装程序,从而实现前述的非接触式移动支付、身份识别等电子钱包和身份证功能。 NFC技术符合国际标准化组织的ISO18092、ISO21481标准,兼容无线智能卡ISO14443标准,符合欧洲计算机协会的EMCA-340、352和356标准[5]。NFC兼容非接触式智能卡领域的两强——飞利浦的MIFARE技术和索尼的FeliCa技术,基于前者的智能卡已部署约12亿片,后者也已部署约1.7亿片。这使NFC技术充分具备了未来近距离无线互连设备所应有的低功率、低价格、兼容性的特点,而使NFC成为近距离无线互连领域一种极富竞争力的技术。

2 应用分类和现状

2.1 应用分类

NFC 技术的应用


(1)接触通过(Touch and Go),如门禁管理、车票和门票等,用户将储存着票证或门控密码的设备靠近读卡器即可,也可用于物流管理。

(2)接触支付(Touch and Pay),如非接触式移动支付,用户将设备靠近嵌有NFC模块的POS机可进行支付,并确认交易。

(3)接触连接(Touch and Connect),如把两个NFC设备相连接(如图1中手机和笔记本电脑),进行点对点(Peer-to-Peer)数据传输,例如下载音乐、图片互传和交换通讯录等[7]。 图1 手机和笔记本电脑的NFC点对点通信

(4)接触浏览(Touch and Explore),用户可将NFC手机接靠近街头有NFC功能的智能公用电话或海报,来浏览交通信息等。