TDK cutting-edge technologies help China authority measurement

Since joining the WTO in 2002, the Chinese electronics industry to flourish, the system of "China compulsory certification (CCC)" and other product safety related system are introduced, including electromagnetic security problem is increasingly influenced by the government, industry and consumer's attention and attention.Therefore, electromagnetic testing of product control becomes the most important link to assure the safety of electronic products.

2006, TDK in Institute of Metrology ((National Institute of Metrology, NIM; the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine) waves in the dark room project subject to tender bid at a stroke, and in the same year in Beijing on June 12 "TDK and Institute of Metrology test base EMC darkroom project contract signing ceremony".

Both parties have to sign the purchase contract includes used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in (10 meters and 3 meters) and related equipment.In October 2006, the core equipment - "in" will be in changping district of Beijing test base construction, the project scheduled to be completed in August next year.After the completion of the waves of dark room will be used to meet the industrial equipment, information technology products, household appliances, medical equipment, electromagnetic compatibility test project in the field of automobile and so on.

At the signing ceremony, TDK President ze said Mr Zhao, joyfully, chief executive of the bid is the Chinese government agencies to TDK before construction performance and high reputation in the darkroom techniques;TDK expressed heartfelt thanks, and hope that as a member of China national standard testing equipment system, in a continuously strengthen, the electromagnetic wave testing technology, EMC countermeasures and development of high-end technology, such as product development, play a role on the development of Chinese industry.
At present, in the field of EMC darkroom TDK locates in the world, with a 30% market share so far has offered all over the world in a more than 800, in China's places such as Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, Harbin electric wave darkroom equipment between 34 were built.Institute of metrology is China's most authoritative scientific research institutions in the metrology area, carrying out to measure the size of the department to establish standard across China.Previously, TDK has respectively with EMC center in east China and south China, and through the high level of cooperation with China institute of metrology, TDK will further complete the EMC measurement equipment platform, advanced technology, professional services will be TDK spread to China.


2006年,TDK在中国计量科学研究院((National Institute of Metrology: NIM; 国家质量监督检验检疫总局下属)的电波暗室招标项目中一举中标,并于同年6月12日在北京举行“TDK与中国计量科学研究院试验基地EMC暗室项目合同签字仪式”。

双方签订的采购合同包括了用于电磁兼容(EMC)电波暗室 (10米法和3米法)及相关设备。2006年10月,其核心设备——“电波暗室”将在位于北京昌平区的试验基地动工,该工程计划明年8月竣工。完成后的电波暗室将用于满足工业设备、信息技术产品、家电、医疗器械、汽车等众多领域的电磁兼容测试项目。