The world development situation of LED lighting industry analysis

Now countries for the sake of environmental protection and energy saving, and actively promote the development of LED industry, the corresponding laws and regulations already banned incandescent lamp has been in the implementation of the policy, this will force the traditional competition into the LED lighting industry company, the rapid development of the market at present, the world development situation, see article analysis.

Governments to actively develop environmental protection laws and regulations, banning the use of incandescent lamp.Traditional lighting giant introduced new LED light source, to accelerate the form a new business model.

Because of the global lighting electricity consumption high total annual electricity consumption by 20%, as many as 90% of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy consumption, do not have very much economic benefit, below the consideration of environmental protection, energy saving, LED lighting has quickly become a high-profile technology and industry.At the same time, governments to actively develop environmental protection laws and regulations, double benefits in the market and the laws and regulations, the global LED industry is a trend of rapid growth.

The advantage of LED lighting is obvious.LED lights high luminous efficiency, long service life, its luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times that of the fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp 13 times.Incandescent lamp luminous efficiency is very low, only 5% of the electric energy into light energy, 95% of the electrical energy into heat wasted.Incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent lamp relatively better 25% of the electric energy into light energy, but there are 75% ~ 80% of the electrical energy wasted.So from the Angle of energy use efficiency, both light use efficiency is low.
Therefore, the LED lighting benefit is obvious.Australia in the world's first introduced in 2007, banning the use of incandescent lamp and regulations, the European Union is in March 2009 passed the rules on sales.Therefore, two of the traditional international osram and philips lighting company in recent years to speed up the layout in the field of LED lighting.They enter promoted the rapid development of LED lighting market, but also accelerated the pace of progress of LED technology.

LED industry is developing well in the field of lighting, but the more obvious homogeneity, to establish oneself in the LED industry or differentiation innovative design to do, to get good grades in the LED industry.


各国政府积极制定环保法规,禁止使用白炽灯。传统照明巨头引入LED新光源,加速形成新商业模式。 由于全球照明用电量高居全年总用电量20%,其中多达90%的电能被转换成热能消耗,非常不具经济效益,在环保、节能的考虑下,LED照明已快速成为颇受关注的技术和产业。同时,各国政府积极制定环保法规,在市场与法规双重利益刺激下,全球LED产业规模呈快速增长之势。